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Our campaign begins with the dedication and volunteer work of fellow citizens of District 21. Democracy in action begins with you! It is going to take all of us working together to Move 21 Forward to new leadership.




About Rixi

Central Texans deserve a Congressperson who will work with them to address racism and classism in government, education, and law enforcement.

You deserve a Representative who will reflect the unique spirit and culture of the Hill Country. You deserve a Congressperson who will work toward policy and industry that will bring hardworking people jobs that pay enough to provide for themselves, their families and their futures. You deserve a Congressperson who will show up and listen.

Every Texan — every American — should have access to and be able to afford the medical care they need to stay healthy and to receive any needed treatment when they are sick. We must treat all our people with dignity and respect. Our healthcare system and our immigration policies, indeed all our policies, should reflect these values.

It’s time to look toward the future of energy jobs and energy independence. We need innovative solutions. The more choices we have when it comes to energy — especially renewable energy — the more jobs we can create. The end result will be to emerge as the world’s energy leader while we ourselves become freer and more secure. And, we will do this while protecting our planet and conserving our natural resources.

I will advocate for quality education for all children and young people so that they can help us find solutions to problems that we face as a Country.

These are the problems we all face. They are the real threats to our wellbeing. In the wake of year after year of elected officials who seek to divide us by exploiting our fears, we must show courage. Courage will bring us together. Once united by courage, we will be stronger and better protected. Courage will elevate us above our fears. The challenges we face will be easier to bear if we face them together. We will measure our success by the way that women, children, people of color and people in religious minorities are treated. We will measure our success by the quality, access to, and affordability of healthcare. And, we will measure our success by narrowing the divide between the richest Americans and the poorest among us. There is more than enough to go around.

I’m tired of our elected representatives using fear tactics to divide us and to steer us away from addressing the real problems. The American dream needs a reboot and it needs to come from we the people. I will listen to you. I will hear your concerns and your hopes so that we can meet these challenges together.