Position Statement on Health Care

A strong healthcare plan is one where everyone benefits from the strength of the market pool. A viable policy must mandate that all Americans be guaranteed essential healthcare services for a robust economy and a productive Nation. Guaranteeing care for all our citizens will provide relief for everyone and will provide a structure in which people have the freedom to thrive. Insured citizens can work and contribute to our society. Insured citizens will start businesses and create jobs.

Insurance works when people pool their resources to cover potential, eventual risk. In the case of health insurance, everyone should pitch in, so that when a few, despite being responsible and hardworking, become unexpectedly sick or injured, they benefit from the wealth of the market pool. With health insurance we are rewarded with essential pre-emptive care, as these measures relieve risk for all.

Insurance markets work best when all participants pay a share. The market works best when all drivers carry liability insurance even though most are not involved in catastrophic accidents. But, some are and the many help pay for the few. Not everyone drives cars but, when it comes to the potential need for healthcare, we are all on common ground. Insurance for all secures the benefits and rewards for all. If one person or family is uninsured, then we are subjecting that person or family to extraordinary, and needless, risk. The healthcare market was subverted by the lack of mandate before the ACA, and the new plan, proposed by the GOP, threatens the security of the market now.

One in nine American workers are employed in the healthcare industry. The proposed ACHA will kill jobs. Many rural hospitals and clinics will be forced to cut back or close and their healthcare workers forced into joblessness. The protections in place now have dramatically reduced personal bankruptcies and have been key to a recovering economy; the provisions of Obamacare (the ACA) were a vivid part of our economy’s revival from the recent Great Recession. Supporting the AHCA is akin to forcing many more thousands of American families into bankruptcy.

We need universal healthcare; all need to be covered. The security of responsible, hardworking Americans is undermined by this new and defective plan that will price our neighbors out of the preventative care and potential healthcare services they need. When vast numbers of our neighbors lose their coverage, the rest of us will also be at greater risk.

The amended AHCA is subhuman in its lack of values. This heartless and ill-conceived GOP plan carries us back to distant pre-history, before we became human, before humanity showed kindness, compassion, and the will to render care to their ill and injured. It threatens the financial security of hardworking Americans. The leniency of state waivers to influence the well being of children, seniors and their families will lead to financial ruin for a multitude of our fellow citizens and out-of-line premiums and deductibles for the rest of us. It burdens our healthcare system with thousands of uninsured people who will present to emergency rooms with advanced diseases and who, by law, cannot be turned away when they finally are driven to seek relief from their suffering. The inevitable scenarios of this heartless plan do not warrant a celebratory party at the White House.

Good people care for those around them. Good people want others to succeed and live healthy lives. Good people treat others with dignity and respect. We must guarantee basic healthcare for all of our citizens. Let’s reject the sociopathic AHCA, regain our humanity, and have the courage to improve our ACA by transforming it into Universal healthcare for all our citizens.

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