Rixi Melton Withdraws From Texas 21st Congressional District Race

Rixi Melton Withdraws From Texas 21st Congressional District Race

September 4, 2017
For Immediate Release

Austin, TX — Rixi Melton is withdrawing her candidacy for the United States House race in the Texas 21st congressional district. Rixi, a mother, music teacher, small business manager, and community organizer, entered the race in February as a newcomer to the political scene. She lives and works in South Austin.

Her grassroots campaign was built on a platform of how we treat people. According to Rixi, “If we can treat corporations like people, then surely we can treat people like people.” Also, at the forefront of her platform was funding public education, transitioning to a green energy economy, addressing institutional racism and classism in our laws, schools, and criminal justice system, closing the wealth inequality gap, securing the rights of LGBTQIA citizens, upholding our responsibility to veterans, and working toward Medicare for All.

“The TX-21 Democratic primary has a deep bench of strong candidates; and on most key issues all of the candidates have put forward strong progressive values and positions,” Rixi said. “There is plenty of work to go around at all levels of government and community organizing. Especially in Texas where extremist, unconstitutional laws continue to make their way to the governor’s desk, including attacks on women’s health and the appalling ‘show me your papers’ law, SB4.” Rixi will continue her ongoing work to, “rally support for progressive values, oppose injustice at all levels, and stand up for friends and neighbors who are marginalized by imposed inequality.”

“I am deeply thankful for the dedication and work of so many friends, neighbors, and family who have contributed to my campaign and who have shared their time, stories, and energy. I urge all of my supporters to rally behind the other TX-21 Democratic candidates, vote your conscience in the primary, and then work with all haste to help elect the eventual Democratic nominee to replace Lamar Smith,” Rixi said. Lamar Smith is the 16-term Republican incumbent, and Rixi believes, “If we can inspire enough people to vote, then Smith will be replaced.”

Rixi For Congress
P.O. Box 150608
Austin, TX 78715
(512) 763-7279



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