Tom Wakely endorses Rixi Melton!

Bernicrat Who Ran Against Lamar Smith in 2016 Withdraws From 2018 Race and Endorses Rixi Melton
For Immediate Release
June 15th, 2017
San Antonio, Texas – Tom Wakely is dropping out of the crowded Texas Congressional District 21 Democratic primary race and endorsing Rixi Melton. Wakely, who ran against 30-yr. Republican incumbent Lamar Smith in 2016, ran on a progressive agenda and while he lost that race, he managed to do something no one else has been able to do in over 30 years – he managed to drop Smith’s percentage vote total to 56.9%, the lowest of his career. In addition, Wakely’s campaign garnered more votes in 2016 than any Democrat in the State of Texas running against an incumbent Congressional Republican.
“I entered the 2016 Congressional campaign on the heels of Senator Bernie Sanders bid to secure the 2016 Democratic Party nomination for President. When Bernie lost the Texas primary, I was inclined to drop out the race. However, I ultimately decided that I could best serve the progressive movement by running as a Movement Candidate and I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. To demonstrate that a non-politician running a progressive campaign can move the needle. The fact that there are now 5 candidates running in the Democratic primary proves that the people in the 21st Congressional District were receptive to my message of Medicare for All and that the best way to create jobs and save our environment at the same time is to move from a fossil fuel economy to a renewal energy economy.
“All the remaining candidates are great candidates, everyone pretty much agrees on policy and anyone of them would be a better representative of the people who live in District 21 than Lamar Smith. However, the question now becomes, which of the remaining Democratic primary candidates has the best shot of winning the general election. In my opinion, that candidate is Rixi Melton.
“Like me, Rixi is not a politician. She never worked in DC or for the Democratic Party. We all are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. As Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said, the Democratic Party model and strategy is a failure. It needs fundamental change and I believe that Rixi is the only candidate capable of doing that.
“I therefore urge all of my supporters, volunteers and donors to consolidate around the one candidate I truly believe can win the general election and that person is Rixi Melton.”

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